Aerei in kit

40 anni di Star Wars la mitica nave imperiale da Revell Revell 06052 StarWars 1/2670 Imperial Star Destroyer Modello della nave imperiale per i 40 anni di StarWars scala 1/2700 in kit da montare – Lunghezza 60cm – la scatola comprende i colori e un pennello. After Chancellor Palpatine rose to power, the wedge-shaped Star Destroyers were the backbone of the fleet, one reason being […]

HASEGAWA 07313 F6f-5 "Pacific Aces"
Aerei in kit Modellismo statico

HASEGAWA 07313 F6f-5 “Pacific Aces” HASEGAWA 07313 Modello di aereo in kit da montare F6f-5 “Pacific Aces” scala 1/48 The Wildcats bigger, badder brother Simple construction, speed, armor and a heavy armament made the F6F-5 the U.S. navy’s favorite fighter in the Pacific Theater where it was credited with over 5,000 kills. 2,000 horsepower engines made the F6F-5 faster […]